Frank Martinez – Colorado Springs Colorado

  • I can't tell you how pleased I am with Jim and everyone at Trans Tech Transmissions in Colorado Springs. I had the transmission on my 2003 Hummer rebuilt back in Sept. 2012. The transmission rebuild performed by Trans Tech Transmissions was done on time and to my satisfaction. On a road trip to the Pacific Northwest, the new front planetary failed, causing me to lose all forward gears. This happened in the middle of Boise, Idaho between the Christmas and New Year holiday. Unfortunately, Trans Tech Transmissions was closed for that week, and I was not able to talk with Jim at Trans Tech Transmissions. The local shop there took advantage of me. They convinced me that the only remedy was to have another rebuilt transmission installed, or wait a week in Boise till we could contact Trans Tech Transmissions. I requested all broken parts be returned to me, and had them replace the transmission. Long story short, when I returned home, I paid a visit to Jim at Trans Tech Transmissions in Colorado Springs to explain what happened, and presented him with the failed front planetary and a torque converter that the shop had given me in Boise. While doing additional work on my Hummer, Jim and his technicians found that the Boise shop had never actually replaced the transmission. They had simply replaced the front planetary which would have been about a $300 part, yet they had charged me for a complete transmission rebuild. Oh by the way, there was nothing wrong with the torque converter either. Jim has special shop ID stamp that was found on the transmission that was supposedly replaced. The staff at Trans Tech Transmissions went out of their way to make up for what the unscrupuous shop in Boise pulled on me. Trans Tech Transmissions operates by the ATRA golden rule and even though he had no opportunity do anything to help me for what had been done to me in another state. He took care of me. That's why I highly recommend going to Trans Tech Transmissions in Colorado Springs for any repairs you need. They run an honest shop. You won't be disappointed.

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