Colorado Springs CO Automotive Transmission - Minor to Major Rebuild Repair

We often have customers contact us about what seems to be a major transmission symptom. But after a thorough inspection, many times a minor repair will correct the transmission repair need, but not always. We want our customers to understand the difference between a transmission repair and a transmission rebuild or rebuilt transmission.

Minor Transmission Repair Services Include:
Computer Diagnostic Scan to determine potential problems
Check and repair leaks
Electrical Controls Solenoid Pack replacement in the pan or transmission housing
Road Test for proper shift function

Major Transmission Rebuild This Service Include:
Computer Diagnostic Scan to determine potential problems
Transmission Removal
Disassemble the transmission completely
Thoroughly steam clean the transmission case, gears, drums and valve body
Replace all of the damaged internal “hard parts”
Replace all seals, gaskets, clutches, and electrical control components that are needed
Reinstall the Transmission
Clean & Verify the Electrical System connectors (Battery, Cables, Connections & Vehicle Grounds)
Hot Flush the existing transmission cooling lines
Refill with OEM specified transmission fluid
Re-scan Computer & Reset Calibration for proper operation
Road Test for quality vehicle & transmission operation

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